Letters from A Broad: Awk-ward!

 It’s that time of season again, when that tie or pair of high heels gets an extra minute of scrutiny before slipping on. In the office, the calculations for the end-of-year report is left undone as a sense of gaiety permeates through the cubicles; the office holiday party countdown has begun…

Letters From A Broad: Dogs versus Cats

Living in a climate with winter temperatures that go below freezing for a good four months of the year and a house full of designer furniture; having pets that shed, scratched and needed a twice daily constitution was an easy decision – no, not in my backyard.

Letters from A Broad: The Devil Wears Pantyhose

I’m not a science fiction geek but whenever I see those futuristic inhabitants zipping around in their hydrogen powered hovercrafts, a feeling of envy comes over me. I love those sleek, one piece, polymer suits they wear. Not so much the style, jumpsuits are notoriously difficult in public bathrooms, but the fact that everyone is … Continued

Letter from A Broad: Mother’s Day

I was grinning ear-to-ear as Mrs. Kellet, my all-time favorite teacher let me ride shotgun. Miss Roach, my 2nd grade and least favorite teacher rode in the back; she took out a Virginia Slims menthol cigarette, lit it up and proceeded to fill the Oldsmobile Cutlass with plumes of choking vapor. I started to gag … Continued

Letters From A Broad: Cannot Find Server

 It happened again, right on schedule. As reliable as the postman, my Wi-Fi service in the house had lost the connection again. Not yet finished with my daily intake of caffeine, I shook my IPad hoping to update the LA Times. Ten years ago, yesterday’s news was at least good for wrapping fish or scrunched … Continued