FamilyGuru: A Personal Introduction

The second I became a mother I felt clueless. And in the wee hours of the night as I breast fed and tried to calm my crying baby I imagined conspiracy theories where parents never told their children how impossible child rearing was…

Computer Mom: Ask Me, I’m a Techno Dummy

I know a lot of self proclaimed techno-dummies who, for the most part, like using new technology. I always smile when I hear that term, because in this day and age it’s impossible not to be a techno-dummy what with all the new gadgets and products and the minutiae of their features.

Letters from A Broad: When Harry Met Su Li

For much of my married life, I have lived in Asia. When I’m alone I’m one of the dark haired masses until I open my mouth and opportunist that he is, the watermelon guy increases his price by half. But when I’m with my husband; an American from the heartland of Ohio, broad shoulders, pale … Continued