The first “Ultimate loser challenge”, is running from March 24 – May 19 2012 (+ 6months). This is a contest for single competitors and couples (friends or family) to join part as a group to see who can lose the most weight, the most body fat and who can keep it off after 6 months.

Bye Bye Sugar

Is sugar toxic? I can attest that it’s addictive. Could you give it up forever? What about for just one week? That’s exactly what sixteen participants of the “Ultimate Loser” set out to do this Tuesday. From Tuesday to Tuesday they will shun all added sugars including honey and fruit juice. The only sweet indulgence … Continued

Happy Losers and Whiter Teeth

Not that long ago, about twenty-five women (and a few men) got together to shed some unwanted weight and get in shape for the summer, I mean, life. We had a goal to see who could lose the most amount of weight in eight weeks. We called ourselves, “The Ultimate Losers”.