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By Dr. Catherine YUE, Pediatrician at Jiahui Health


Adjusting to a new time zone after a long trip can be challenging for infants and young children. Given their unique physiological and psychological traits, parents may need patience and care when transitioning their little ones’ routines. Here are some key points to consider when tackling jet lag with infants and young children:

Parents should remain attuned to their baby’s cues and emotions, adjusting jet lag strategies accordingly. Employ comforting techniques like toys, hugs, or kisses if distress arises. Seeking guidance from pediatricians or parenting experts can be beneficial if challenges persist, ensuring the well-being and safety of infants and young children during the adjustment period.

Abour Dr. YUE


Dr. Catherine YUE serves as a pediatrician at Jiahui Health. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medical degree from Soochow University School of Medicine in 2006 and obtained her Master of Public Health from Naval Medical University in 2017. She has been engaged in clinical work in pediatrics and children’s health care for over 10 years at the Maternity & Child Health Hospital and Shanghai Tongren Hospital. She went to Canada to further her study and participate in early childhood education and behavioral intervention from 2017. Dr. Yue completed the program of Early Childhood Development Science training at Red River College in 2018 and Autism and Behavioral Science program at Confederation College from 2021 to 2022. She has accumulated rich practical experience in behavioral intervention and early education for children with special needs (Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delay), training and practical application of autism screening and diagnosis. She specializes in child growth and development assessment, behavioral problems and feeding guidance, as well as diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric diseases.


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