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SHMamas Momtrepreneur Directory

Shanghai Mamas is a long-time advocate for ‘Momtrepneurs’! To support our community, we welcome small-scale business owners to send us their business introduction to get listed in our Momtrepreneur Directory.



The Shanghai Mamas Executive Team will review and approve all submission requests. The Momtrepreneur Directory will be updated monthly. 


*Disclaimer: Shanghai Mamas is not liable for the listed businesses’ services and/or products. Shanghai Mamas reserves the right to remove businesses from the directory if it is found that services and/or products were misrepresented to our community.

List of Businesses

Adelle Paquette MRT, ESWT

I am a Medical Massage Practitioner currently providing Massage therapy for a wide range of ailments. As a MRT ( Myofascial release Therapist) I manipulate soft tissues, muscles, and joints to promote physical and mental well-being. I specialize in Chronic pain, pregnancy massage, sports therapy and everyday stress induced aches and pains. I value the spiritual, physical and mental health of each individual under my care. My personal battle with a spinal injury gives me insight into the complex puzzle that is Chronic Pain and the ability to empathize with others. I design a personalized treatment plan for each patient using a wide range of techniques I have learned over the past 20 years, Myofascial release (MRT) Extra corporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) Trigger point therapy etc…




WeChat Contact:


ARIN Pilates


I am a certified Pilates, Yoga and Functional Movement Coach. My private studio is called ARIN Pilates which focused primarily on private and semi private training.


My specialities: Back Care, Bone Health, Body Conditioning for Pain Management, Corrective Exercises, Pelvic Floor Restoration.

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Awesome Kids Academy​

My name is Vivian Wang, I am the mom to two wonderful boys and I am the co-owner of Awesome Kids Club and Awesome Kids Academy! We run an international early education program, holiday camps and kids events around Shanghai. We have been part of the community for almost 13 years now. I love supporting our families and helping to make our expat families feel welcome in our amazing city. When I’m not with the boys or at work, you can find me working out often and out on the town with Shanghai Mamas for your legendary mom’s nights out! 


Address: 46 Luding Lu, Shanghai Town and Country Club



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Glow Crystals, Kate and Grace Jewelry

I’m Gwyn, the visionary behind Glow Crystals & Kate and Grace Jewelry. Alongside my roles as a homemaker and mother of two wonderful girls, my exploration of crystal healing began in 2014 during my time in New Zealand. This iswhen I became a mother for the first time.


To manage my stress as a stay-at-home mom, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that eventually led me to the fascinating world of crystals. During this time, I experienced crystals’ powerful healing powers. Having experienced this natural therapy myself, I was drawn to share it with others. Inspired by this, Glow Crystals was founded with the purpose of creating personalized accessories for individuals based on their unique needs.


Over the years, Glow Crystals flourished, and I formed meaningful connections with customers who became close friends. As the demand for customized pieces grew, a new chapter began. After receiving numerous requests for ready-made creations, I started a new business, Kate and Grace Jewelry, named after the two precious girls who light up my world.


Instagram: glow_crystals




Our mission at iVEA is to offer functional, stylish activewear to active children worldwide. Using innovative fabric technology and design, we prioritize comfort and freedom of movement.

Our team members are mothers spread across California, Sydney, and other locations, united by the desire to promote movement. We are dedicated to empowering every child with boundless freedom and confidence.


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ShuYe 舒烨

I am a market research professional, with more than 14 years in the field, mainly within the FMCG industry. My hobby, however, is jewelry. And this is why I started my first business in fine jewelry.


Initially, the business was focused on 18K gold pieces, since this is where I would spend most my savings. However, to cater to wider needs, a silver line was recently introduced – coated with 18K gold (can’t do without it!).


Currently, the business is run out of my home, and all my products are made by personally vetted factories with locally sourced material. I carefully check every piece before i personally wrap it and send it out.


Sweet n Savor

My love for baking and designing cake started with me baking my first cake, for my most loved client “my son”. It was a dinosaur theme cake and he loved it.


A passion for cooking and baking and art, led to the creation of “Sweet And Savor” 
My business is primarily creating memories for my customers. Baking for me is all about storytelling through the canvas of art and dessert.


I do customized cakes and desserts for birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.


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