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ShMamas WeChat Groups

We take pride in hosting a variety of WeChat groups tailored to meet your unique interests and needs. From parenting advice, to trip planning, or exploring the city’s hidden gems and organizing social events, our WeChat groups cover a wide range of topics. To help you get connected, here’s a breakdown on the dynamic world of Shanghai Mamas WeChat groups! 


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Our group is open to expat and internationally minded mamas! Are you from another country? Did you study or work abroad? Do you have an internationally-blended family? All are welcome! Please keep in mind English is the primary language of our WeChat groups.


See a group you want to join? Here’s how to get added: 


  • Connect with our Shanghai Mama WeChat user account.
  • Share which groups you’d like to join.
  • All groups are by invitation only, with members screened by a brief application process to help ensure we’re keeping our groups safe. Please note there’s a 48 hour turnaround on group requests.


*Please note: All Shanghai Mamas groups have policy of no unsolicited promotions. Please refer to our Policy for Business & Event Promotions for more information.

Table of Contents

ShMamas WeChat Groups A-Z

Ayi & Driver Recommendations

Are you looking for referrals for an ayi and/or driver? Or perhaps you have someone you’d like to recommend? This group is where you’ll find great referrals from within our community. 


Book Club

Book lovers, unite! This group meets once a month at different restaurants to discuss the latest read over food and drinks. Our book club plans the reading list (check out our reading list 2024) at the beginning of the year, making it easy to see what’s next and join right in.



Breastfeeding Mamas

This is a group for breastfeeding mamas to ask questions and seek accurate, evidence-based information and support. Moderated by lactation professionals and experienced parents who provide support through all steps of the breastfeeding journey.


Career Mamas

Are you considering a career transition, starting a new business or just interested in exploring potential new opportunities? This group is where you can freely ask career-related questions and seek guidance from local mamas who are knowledgeable and experienced in various professional fields.


General Groups

Our general groups serve to answer questions on Shanghai and parenting life.


Kids Age Groups

Are you interested in connecting with other mamas who have children in similar age groups? Here’s a list of the age groups we host:


  • Expecting + Newborn
  • Toddlers & Preschoolers (1-5 yo)
  • Primary School (6-10 yo)
  • Tweens & Teens (10-18 yo)


Kids Activities & Events

Do you have kids between newborn and 8 years old? This group is for you! Here, you’ll find information on museums, parks, special events, playgrounds, restaurants, and more. Group members are welcome to organize meetups in kid friendly locations where kiddos can play and parents can connect. This is the only group where kids related business vendors will post events, classes and offerings for kids (see group rules for more details).


Ladies Night Out

Join us for a kid-free night out! This group meets monthly to experience a variety of fun kid-free outings across the city.



Monthly Spa Group

Treat yourself and join in on our monthly Shanghai Mamas Spa Day with exclusive deals at a local spa! Join the group to follow the sign-ups.


Neighborhood Coffee Chats

These kid friendly get togethers are spread out across the city. It’s a great way to connect with people in your neighborhood.


Downtown: Meets Tuesdays

Jing’An: Meets Thursdays

Lujiazui: Meets Fridays

Jinqiao: Meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday

Hongqiao: Meets weekly on Wednesday

Qingpu: We’re currently looking for a coffee morning host in this neighborhood. If you’re interested, please contact us at WeChat ID: ShanghaiMamasOrg.



Pet Group

Whether you’re an experienced pet parent, new to pet ownership, or thinking about adopting or fostering a pet, this group is your go-to resource.


This community offers members the opportunity to share valuable information, exchange tips, and make recommendations covering a variety of subjects, including pet health care, relocation, pet sitting, and more! Connect with like-minded people and get insights into how to live a happier, healthier life with your pets.


ShMamas Book Swap

Join this group for information leading up to Shanghai Mamas bi-annual Book Swap at EF’s offices on Tongren lu in Jing’An. You can donate your books that are in need of a new home. For every book you donate, you can choose a new one at the book swap. Don’t have any books to donate? Not a problem! Books are available for 15 rmb / each.


We’ve started to accept books for our fall book swap (date to be confirmed)! Click here to find out where to drop off books.



Single Parenting

Are you a single superhero? This group is for single parenting families to connect with each other and discuss all topics related to parenting and living in Shanghai.



This is your go-to group for recommendations on kid friendly hotels, helpful tour guides and fun travel plans throughout China and beyond.


Volunteer Group

Are you interested in giving back to the Shanghai Mama community? We are actively seeking volunteers who can offer their support in various capacities, including event planning, event logistics management, content creation, and more. If you have a passion for contributing and are ready to lend a helping hand, we warmly welcome your involvement in our community initiatives!


ShMamas WeChat Etiquette

Since the early days of our Yahoo group in 2006, we have sought to treat everyone in our community with respect and consideration, even when their viewpoints don’t align.


Below are our WeChat group guidelines to help ensure our space maintains the warm, welcoming, and supportive tone we want for ourselves and our fellow group members.



DO read and follow group notice/rules for every group you belong to.

What is acceptable in one group may not carry over for others. Please read and respect the group rules for each individual community. When the moderator makes changes, make sure you review them to not miss anything.



DO share the group rules with any users you are inviting to a group.

In the ShMamas WeChat groups, the inviting group member is responsible for the new members they invite into our WeChat groups. You risk removal from our groups if the new member joins with malicious intent.


DO a search before asking a common question in a group.



For common questions, do a quick search before putting a question onto the hundreds of group members to answer. Smart Shanghai, or a simple query in WeChat can often pull up the answer you’re looking for.


If you are new to a group, it’s not possible to search the chat history before you joined. We understand you’ll have to ask questions that may have been discussed prior to your arrival. It’s ok, go ahead and ask.


If you have been in the group for some time, search before asking. The search box is in the Group menu (look for the three dots in the top right corner). You can search via keyword, group member, date, or file/media and it really makes the WeChat organization much more effective when you can find the info you need.



Help yourself by favoriting items and/or tagging contacts you add so it’s easy to find them in the future!


DO switch to private messages if your exchange with another group member is dominating the group conversation.

When to switch? 6-8 direct interactions is a good cut-off before taking it to PM.



Don’t post pics of other people’s children unless you have permission.

This includes strangers, friends, classmates, teammates, and anyone under 18. This is not only courtesy, but also the law (Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors).



Don’t add another member of the group without seeking their permission in the group first, or without clearly stating a reason in the friend intro.

Randomly adding other users to boost your contacts for marketing purposes isn’t tolerated. This behavior will quickly get you removed from ShMamas groups. If someone adds you for those reasons, please report to a moderator.



Don’t post unsolicited promotions in the groups. Please refer to our Policy for Business & Event Promotions.



Don’t post porn.

This really goes without saying, but sometimes it still needs to be said. Those stickers that are kinda edgy to one user can be very offensive to other users. If it could be questionable, do not post in WeChat since it puts the group owner at risk.



Don’t talk about sensitive subjects in groups.

V** conversations are not for WeChat. If you need to know, best to ask your friends face to face.



Something To Remember


We’ve had many complaints about other users who send many short single word messages to the group instead of composing sentences. “Form an entire thought and think it through before sharing fragments” was the feedback from a ShMamas group member.


Be careful with emojis since they can mean different things to different people.  Signals can be mis-read, especially in cross-cultural situations.


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