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Author: Shanghai Mamas

Mama of the Month

We have an amazing community of Mamas. By highlighting a different mama each month, we aim to shine a spotlight on the incredible women who

Shanghai Mamas Events

Neighborhood Coffee Mornings Book Club Mamas Night Out Shanghai Mamas Family Day Mother’s Day Brunch Family Egg Hunt Kidpreneur Toy Market Book Swap International Women’s

Decoding the Middle School Years – June 11

“Decoding the Middle School Years for Parents,” is a special event designed by Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) to provide invaluable insights into the emotional,

ShMamas Momtrepreneur Directory

Shanghai Mamas is a long-time advocate for ‘Momtrepneurs’! To support our community, we welcome small-scale business owners to send us their business introduction to get

Discover SCIS | Open House – Explore the Future Today!

By SCIS team Join us in discovering the vibrant and inclusive community at Shanghai Community International School!   Director of Schools, Daniel Eschtruth, warmly extends

Volunteer Opportunities

Shanghai Mamas is a heartfelt initiative driven by a group of compassionate mothers in Shanghai. We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering with