Can you trust pork in China?


Plenty of stories have appeared around the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in recent months, so you may be wondering whether it is safe and healthy to eat pork.

As the name suggests, African Swine Flu is derived from Africa and may have been around since the early 19th century. The virus first spread to the Middle East then to the Europe and now since recently only China. While African Swine Fever is thought not to be dangerous to humans, it might just be better to stay away from the virus all together.


Extremely strict controls need to be in place at pig farms to ensure that nothing enters the farm that may have traces of the ASF virus. This includes the feed what is given to the pigs and that is believed to be the key source of the rapid spreading of the disease in many parts of the world.

How do you know which pork is safe to eat?

There are several relevant questions you can ask your butcher to feel confident eating safe pork.

  • Ask about the origin of the pork.
  • Ask if their pork is 100% certified, registered all natural fed, and antibiotic-free.
  • Ask if their pig farm has strict hygiene controls in place to ensure African Swine Fever has no chance to enter the farm.
  • Ask if there is testing in place to check traces of antibiotics.

At Swiss Butchery, they can provide you a detailed and positive answer to all these questions. We asked them how they deal with the ASF virus when it comes to ensuring safe pork to their customers.

“We accept nothing but the very highest standards in all we do”, says Alexander, founder and general manager of Swiss Butchery. “This means we will not make any concessions providing safe products of the highest quality. For all our pork, we carefully selected ‘Scandinavian Farms’, which is located in Jiangsu province and 100% owned by Danish investors and the Danish Government. All their breeding is done from imported Danish pigs compliant with Danish standards in food safety and hygiene. Denmark is globally known as having some of the most advanced pork breeding techniques, including insemination, food intake, and medical care. At ‘Scandinavian Farms’, antibiotics are strictly regulated. Unlike many other farms, the use of antibiotics is a need only basis in case a certain pig suffers from a bacterial infection, and medicine intake is individually tracked. These strict controls ensure that we can offer our customers safe Danish originated pork that is completely free from any form of antibiotics and African Swine Flu (ASF) traces.


So when you are shopping for pork, keep this information in mind and ask your butcher the right questions so you know you are buying safe pork.





We’re grateful to our sponsors, Swiss Butchery, for allowing us to share this content with you.