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Category: Living In Shanghai

SHMamas Momtrepreneur Directory

Shanghai Mamas is a long-time advocate for ‘Momtrepneurs’! To support our community, we welcome small-scale business owners to send us their business introduction to get

Mama of the Month

We have an amazing community of Mamas. By highlighting a different mama each month, we aim to shine a spotlight on the incredible women who

SHMamas WeChat Groups

We take pride in hosting a variety of WeChat groups tailored to meet your unique interests and needs. From parenting advice, trip planning to exploring

Shanghai Mamas Events

Neighborhood Coffee Mornings Book Club Mamas Night Out Shanghai Mamas Family Day Mother’s Day Brunch Mamas Monthly Spa Kidpreneur Toy Market Book Swap International Women’s

Where to Buy Furniture in Shanghai

Finding the perfect furniture for your home in Shanghai can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Whether you’re settling into a new living space or