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History of ShanghaiMamas

ShanghaiMamas was founded in April 2006 by Lynda Quintana, an American mother who had recently arrived in Shanghai from Texas. She quickly found that she was missing a social

Volunteer Opportunities

Shanghai Mamas is a heartfelt initiative driven by a group of compassionate mothers in Shanghai. We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering with

Mamas in Charge: Meet Our Executive Team

It’s an exciting time to be a Mama! Sharing resources and advice, bringing together international families, and connecting Shanghai Mamas across the world is as

Mama of the Month

We have an amazing community of Mamas. By highlighting a different mama each month, we aim to shine a spotlight on the incredible women who

SHMamas WeChat Groups A-Z

We take pride in hosting a variety of WeChat groups tailored to meet your unique interests and needs. From parenting advice, trip planning to exploring

Shanghai Mamas Events

Coming Up: Regularly Hosted: Monthly Book Club >> Event Recap: SHMamas Family Day >>​ SHMamas Fall Book Club >> Mother’s Day Brunch >>​ International Women’s