Shanghai Mamas Introduces: Parenting by Shlomit, RN

Every so often, we take a moment to spotlight a business or organization run by a member of the Shanghai Mamas community. This week, Shanghai Mamas is proud to feature Shanghai Mama Shlomit Entes, founder of Parenting by Shlomit, RN.



Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been in Shanghai?

Shlomit: I moved to China from Israel in 2009 with my husband David. We thought we would be here for 8 months but ended up staying until today – 12 years.

We now have 4 kids, 3 boys and one girl, they are 11,9,7 and 4. As a family we love to cook together, we enjoy family bike rides whenever the weather and pollution allow us, we love playing Remi – we can play this game for hours, even the little one already learned the rules. Shanghai is definitely our home away from home. We enjoy the multicultural atmosphere and the relaxed environment here.

I discovered Shanghai Mamas very quickly after we moved to Shanghai, it was then a website, and I was thrilled to have found an English website for mothers, we didn’t have WeChat. I myself needed simple resources as a new mum in an unfamiliar environment. Even just simple things like where to buy diapers and where to get the next vaccine. I remember the useful information on the website made me feel so much more relaxed.


Tell us about your brand. Why did you create your business and how you started it?

Shlomit: I am BSCN pediatric and maternity nurse. I received my nursing schooling and training in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I’m also a baby sleep coach (Baby sleep coach certification from the UK Gentle Sleep), breastfeeding consultant (training from Hadassad Ein Karem Israel), and a parent coach for the early years (training from Tel Chai Isreal).

I have been working in American Sino Hospital for the past 8 years. I offer private nursing and consulting services around maternal nursing, handling of newborn infants and educating new mothers on lactation techniques while providing guidance and ongoing support. I also offer, with the support of American Sino, several classes and workshops for parents starting from Prenatal classes – breastfeeding, baby care, stages of labor and going into parenthood – feeding solids, CPR, first aid, positive parenting, sibling relationship, potty training, baby sleep and much more…

As a mum, I know how support is important wherever you are. I love sharing my knowledge and approach with parents, hopefully helping them with the most demanding job in the world – Parenthood.


Where can we find Parting by Shlomit, RN?

Shlomit: You can reach me through WeChat:


All my workshops are in my moments and many are also posted in American Sino’s WeChat account.




Shlomit offers a 10% discount on private consultations at the clinic for Shanghai mamas.