Supporting Kids Through Isolation

By Amanda McNeice & Melanie Ham


We gave a few ideas about supporting a friend through isolation here, but thought we would brainstorm some ideas about supporting kids, too.



Read along

Kids of many ages, LOVE being read to…even if it’s over Zoom. While audiobooks can be an option, it’s more engaging to have live adult. For older kids, you can read a chapter story or book that may be a tad over their own reading level. By reading to them, you can clarify plot points and explain words they may not know.

For smaller kids take a video of yourself reading and focus on the pictures. The benefit of a recording is parents can play it multiple times. Sound effects, silly gestures, and costumes make for an extra dramatic reading and unique personalization for the child.


Exercise together

Some kids may not want to exercise when their parents suggest it, but will go along with the idea when another adult is asking. Take turns suggesting exercises, or trying to copy one another by playing Follow the Leader.

There are lots of great online workout plans, but here are a few ideas to help get them moving:


Just distract them

Ask them for a tour of their room or to introduce you to their favorite toys. Lots of kids love to chatter about their daily lives to new people, especially those who show interest and ask questions. This can also be a good way to get the kids talking about their feelings as they try to understand what’s happening around them.


Crafting or drawing together

Maybe you have a special skill you can teach them. Do you know how to draw a cat? Or make a friendship bracelet? Can you show them how to finger knit or paint a tree?


Additionally, the Community Center is facilitating a weekly online support group for kids. This can be a place they can chat with other kids and engage in playful activities and learn coping skills. More info here. There are also support groups for parents and teens. If you aren’t already following the Community Center on WeChat, you can scan their QR to keep updated on the amazing groups, classes, and support options they are providing.


CCS Pudong Activity Group


CCS Minhang Activity Group


CCS Hongqiao Activity Group

**Please leave message to customer service to invite you to the activity group.


If you are in isolation, or have been, PLEASE share what helps, as it may inspire others with ideas – drop us a note or leave a comment.